Who are we?

Candyonclick is owned and operated by:


How can we help you?

We always aim to please, so if you have any questions you need answered please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. you can reach us on by phone or email:
Please note: In order for us to assist you in the best possible manner, please make sure to use the same email for contacting us that you used to sign up with.
This will help us answer your questions faster and more precisely.
[email protected]


Before you give us a call, feel free to have a look at our FAQ – you might be able to

find the answer you are looking for.


Can I pay with bank transfer?
At this point its not possible to pay with bank transfer. We only accept credit card

Will I have to login and pay every month?
No, we will automatically charge you for your membership, just like you might know it from a gym membership.

Is online payment secure?
We can only talk for our self, but we use a fully secure payment solution.



How do I select the candy I want?
It is very simple, you go to our Members area, where you can select the products you want us to ship.

How can I unsubscribe?
To unsubscribe, you will have to get in touch with our wonderful support team, they can help you with everything related to your subscription, also unsubscribe.

What if I want to skip a month of candy?
In case you want to skip a month of candy, you simply just don’t order candy that month. We work with a credit system, so if you don’t use all your credit in one month, you can use it the next month.

Can I give a membership as a gift?
Yes, and what a lovely idea.


What is CandyOnClick.com?
CandyOnClick is a website that helps you to always have some sweets and snacks. We ship a package of goodyness every month. You decide what you want or you can go for our surprise package.

Wouldn’t it be easier to just buy it at the local shop?
Sometimes it might be, but think about this – wouldn’t it be more convenient to get a month worth of snacks and candy shipped to your doorstep once a month ? You can select from a great selection and you will never run out of snacks again!


Money Back Guarantee

As a part of our effort to offer the best possible experience, we have a money back guarantee.

To apply for a refund click here